Salisbury Guided Tours

Salisbury City Tours is a grouping of individual professional tourist board qualified Blue Badge guides committed to tourism in Salisbury, England and to the surrounding area. We have an entertaining range of walks and tours of interest, both to the general visitor and the specialist, which we can tailor to specific requirements. We welcome enquiries from groups needing a special service to accommodate disability, to cater for a particular interest, or to enhance an existing itinerary.

Several of our members hold teaching qualifications and are able to offer tours in French, German, Italian or Spanish.

Bespoke tours including Chequers Walks, John Constable Walk, In the Footsteps of Pitt, Inns and Ale Houses, Clocks, Close Walks, Wilton Town Walks and the regular City and Ghost Walks, can be arranged for groups at times to suit.
Many of our guides also give talks on specialist subjects to Clubs, Societies and other special interest groups. For more details, to arrange a bespoke tour or to request our brochure please contact us.


Themed walks, talks and tours for pre-booked groups.
In and around the City

The City and Ghost Walks

A guided tour of the Cathedral – For 800 years this Gothic masterpiece has dominated the City

Artists in the Cathedral – For generations famous and eccentric artists have worked here

A stroll in Cathedral close – Romance and intrigue in the shadow of the spire

Chequered tales from beyond the Spire – Bishop Poore founded his new Cathedral and City in1220, laying out the streets on a chequer (or grid system). These Chequers all brim over with Salisbury lore.

Architecture – Architects and architecture in Salisbury.

Literary Links – Many well known literary figures, such as Thomas Hardy and Henry Fielding, have strong associations with the area.

Artistic Links -Explore the Salisbury landscapes painted by John Constable. Discover J.M.W. Turner’s picturesque watercolours.

Wizards, Wiltshire Folklore Witches and Magic -Stronger than fiction! Try dowsing the Salisbury Ley-line!

Plague, Pesticide and Poverty -Hear about the open water channels, and how smallpox and cholera literally changed the face of Salisbury.

” All the World’s a Stage” -Celebrating entertainment in Salisbury through the ages.

Forgotten Fisherton : Felons, Steam and Executions. -Prison s, stations, a workhouse and lots of sudden death.

Inns and Alehouses -Salisbury’s historical pubs open a window on the past.

Wooden Delights -Trees, buildings and carvings.

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